Three favorite’s revisited

We have done so many wonderful weddings that we decided we should occasionally post a blog with a few highlights from weddings past! Here are three that we loved!

Ashley and Daniel

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These New Yorkers decided to come home to tie the knot! Ashley and Daniel were married on a perfect evening and the reception overlooked Pensacola Bay. The entry way showcased pictures of the couple.

Eddie the pup was not left out of the festivities. He made

it to the reception for a photo op and managed

to pop up in the most unusual places!

From paper roses, made of sheet music (a nod to the Broadway Star) to the taxi getaway, this wedding was filled with personal touches that made it a night to remember.


The guests received the first hint of what was to come when they received the save the date! A sketch of the family hunting camp was designed by Paul Silivos, one of our event planners.

Jane and Pete exchanged vows by the farm pond as the sun dipped below the trees. The bridesmaids wore cowboy boots and hay bales dotted the horizon. Guests were treated to steaks grilled to order and danced to the sound of not one but two bands. It was magical!


Jane and Pete

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Britney and Shawn

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  • Hand painted invitations!
  • Island Attire!
  • Steel drum for the bridal entrance!
  • Shawn’s Oyster Bar!
  • Dolphins jumping in the bay!
  • Dancing over the water by the moon light!
  • Cheeseburgers in Paradise!

This wedding had it all!



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