A little secret for your wedding day!

One of the comments I most often hear from brides is that it went so fast; it was all a blur.

Unfortunately, it is true! You have to capture the moments and the memories. From the second you

wake up in the morning your day is filled with preparation, make-up, hair, pictures; it is both wonderful

and hectic.

Secret Wedding Nancys


Many couples still hold fast to the tradition of not seeing each other until after the ceremony. Then you

are whisked off to the reception to be greeted by all of your guests. You have barely had a second to

breathe, much less have any meaningful words to remember with the love of your life. That is why it is

important to take a second, find a little hide-a-way, and put the brakes on for just a minute. Burn the

moment in your memory forever… just the two of you.

I recently found the perfect rendezvous spot for a newly married couple. The venue did not have any

private areas…but it did have an attic. We were able to pull a few pieces of vintage furniture that were

scattered around the attic to the window overlooking the entrance below. The attic had no electricity so

we improvised with a string of Christmas lights. The dusty attic was transformed into the most romantic

spot. The bride and groom were speechless, the photographer did a fabulous job of capturing the

moment. The fading day light and the illuminated street lights below helped create a beautiful picture

that they will treasure forever.

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